1. Administration

    View contact information of the Administration Department along with information on the City finances and election and voting information.

  2. City Hall

    Contact & location information as well as information on Public Utilities service.

  3. Parks & Recreation

    View information on city parks, the Civic Arena and the Litchfield Golf Course.

  4. Street Department

  5. Electric Departments

  6. Environmental Services

    Contains information on water, wastewater and storm sewer services. Also find information on the compost site.

  7. Police Department

    Contact, location and general information on the Litchfield PD.

  8. Building Inspection & Code Enforcement

    View information on permits and general business and residential information.

  9. Fire & Rescue

  10. Airport

  11. Liquor Store

    View location information and hours of operation.

  12. Library

    Browse information on the Litchfield Public Library.

  13. Cemetery

    Browse information on burials, sale of lots, cemetery maps.