Building Inspection & Code Enforcement

The City of Litchfield has entered into a partnership with MNSPECT to assist in providing planning and zoning services for our community.  As always for planning, zoning and building inspections your first call should be City Hall 320-693-7201, then staff will connect you to the expertise you seek.



Permit Fees

Building Permit fees are based on the valuation of the building project.  

Flat fee permits are as follows:
  • Fence permits are a flat $15.50.
  • Utility shed permits under 200 square feet are a flat $15.50.
  • Reroofing, window replacement, siding and furnace installation permits are $26.00.
The Permit Application form is now available online. You may complete as much as possible and bring it into City Hall for completion.


To schedule an inspection, please contact MNSPECT.

Ordinance Enforcement

To view City of Litchfield ordinances, click the link in the left menu bar.  Please contact City Hall with questions or concerns in regards to enforcing an ordinance.