Burial Arrangements, Lot Purchases & Fees


If you are looking to purchase a lot(s) in the Litchfield Cemetery, City staff will be glad to assist you.  We currently have available lots in the location known as Division 8.   

Division 8 is our newest area in the Cemetery.  It is a sun-filled, grassy area surrounded by bushes and trees.  This division is more spacious, allowing for upright monuments to be placed if one so chooses.  

Computerized maps for both Division 7 and 8 are available for viewing on the "Maps & Records" page, as well as Divisions 5 & 6.

Litchfield Cemetery is now home to a beautiful Columbarium section located within Division 8.  There are both single (one urn) and double (two urn) niches available in all 4 of the columbarium.


Arrangements for burials can be made by emailing information to City Hall at cityhall@ci.litchfield.mn.us or by calling City Hall at (320) 693-7201.  We like to have at least a 2 day advance notice of burials in spring, summer and fall and 4 day notice if possible in the winter so snow removal and ground preparations can be taken care of.  We arrange burials Monday through Saturday.  

FEES (as of 9/18/2023)

Lot Pricing

 Divisions 1 - 7: $700 per single lot

 Division 8:  $1,000 per single lot

 A single lot can hold one of the following:

  • One traditional burial
  • One traditional burial & one cremation burial
  • One or two cremation burials

Interment Fees

 Full Body Interment: $700 Monday - Friday (After 3:30PM, Add $200)
 $900 Saturday or Holiday

 Cremation Interment:  $450 Monday - Friday (After 3:30PM, Add $200)
 $600 Saturday or Holiday

 Columbarium Interment: $0 Monday - Friday (Included in Niche Price)
 (After 3:30PM, Add $200)
 $300 Saturday or Holiday

Disinterment Fees 

 No weekend, holiday or winter disinterment


Frost Charge (December 1st - March 31st) $205

After Hours and Late Arrivals: $200

No Sunday Burials

Columbarium Pricing

Please click here to view niche sizes and pricing.
Additional information on the columbarium available here.